Feathers ruffled after the flood

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now the flood waters have subsided, and we are down to the cleaning and fixing and counting and blaming. And figuring out who should pay.

In true social democratic spirit, the government is going for a sort of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need!” approach. Or to put it a bit more clearly, “From each according to his income greater than $50,000, to each according to damage suffered (to the electorate)”.  My personal favourite, though, is “From each according to whether they already scored some disaster relief payout or not, to each according to whether they are that bastard next door who showered in beer for two days and already spent it on a high def TV”.

Here, there and everywhere, the chickens are coming home to roost.

They are roosting all over the flood victims who chose to live in low lying areas and didn’t cough up for flood insurance. Cheapskates. Look at me, up here on my hill.  Sqweark!

They are roosting all over the furrow-browed, trembling-fingered, red button-hovering guardians of Wivenhoe Dam who mistakenly thought they were supposed to be filling it up instead of emptying it. That will teach you to take five straight years of drought seriously.  Sqweark!

They are roosting all over the residents of Dalby, who refused to give a hand up to homeless refugees in June last year but who now need a hand out themselves.  Sqweark!

They are roosting all over the small minded, cheaply tricked voters who tossed out Howard and shoved in Rudd, who was then overthrown by Gillard, and who didn’t see THAT coming.  Sqweark!

And they are most certainly roosting all over our Little Red Hen-pecked Prime Minister. Watch out for eggs, Julia.

Peck. Scratch. Cluck cluck sqweark! say the Australian public. And by public, I mean people who write in to newspapers and phone up the wireless to let us have a piece of their mind, which usually is in pieces.

Consider these (poultry) missives:

Jade of Brisbane complains that: “The $1000 payment was given to far too many people. I know several people that have gone out and bought new TVs because they drove to a friends house then couldn’t get home for 2 days because roads were blocked. It’s a joke.”

Yep. And the joke’s on you.

not impressed of brisbane writes: “These idiots (govt) build homes in flood prone areas and then expect me to pay for their poor planning….unbelievable.”


Brax rages that: “…now I have to pay a tax for having the foresight to live on a hill & not on a floodplain or in a ditch!?!?! I find this offensive & outrageous. Whatever happened to natural selection & the survival of the smartest & fittest? No wonder the human gene pool is shrinking & the idiots are taking over.”

Yes, they sure are. Head for your hill!

jealous of QLD whines: “Wish I’d lost my power, I could have done with a quick overseas holiday paid for by the government… and I voted labor at the last election. Sorry.”

Tricked you!

And kevin marshall of woodridge fears that: “what now we going to have the 3 circus of Independent clowns with the biggesr leader bob brown sitting down for weeks desiding queenland flooded states future by a leavy”

Oh dear, kevin marshall of woodridge. Bob Brown is not the same person as Bob Katter. *Click*  But wait, Kevin’s not finished! *Brrring* “tell you one thing no matter how much i hatted the libs and howard goverment just wish thay were in goverment right now”

I hatted the libs too, Kevin. Thay we’re sux.  Sqweark!

What a cock a doodle doo. I’m off to take a dust bath.



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