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Broccoli, leek and gruyere tart.

Et voila!

Crust detail


How’s this?

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I awoke in twitter-light, my mind a widdendream; my thoughts jargogled. Last night’s bibesy led, as it always did, to brannigan. I remembered quagswagging the bottle and finding it empty. “You hoddypeak,” I cursed. Today would be a day of scriptitation. Freck, I must, to my writing implements, and corrade my texts. Perissology be damned! Downstairs, my malagrugrous wife continued to brabble at me about my yemeles indiscretions. If only she’d leave me for that ludibrious jollux, the vicar. Then, oh rapture! Swoop, I, on my illecebrous chambermaid and deliciate in her charms. I shouted at my wife. She kenched evilly. My fingers twitched in sanguinolency. Tonight I would do it.


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