Ode to a Maglia Rosa I don’t have

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mi scusi, Mister Giro, but I’ve written you a poem, and
If it’s not too much trouble, would you call the boss and show him?

You’ll remember, several weeks ago, you ran a game on Twitter.
My prize has not arrived yet and I promise I’m not bitter, BUT

I put some entries in it and one made the chosen ten, so:
Please send me a maglia and I’ll never ask again.

My tweet, voted a winner, will be on the leader’s shirt!
The others didn’t make it but I promise I’m not hurt.

Pink’s my favourite colour. You should see my drawer of socks!
Just hang on for a second, while I check the letter box.

No shirt. But I’ll continue, for I like “getting my verse on”.
Maybe it will help if I express it in third person:

“Leonie wrote a poem for the maglia comp on Twitter.
She isn’t very large, so send a SMALL and it should fit her.”

You’ll gather I’m excited (listen up for one more minute),
A jersey worn by Contador! Assuming he is in it.

Though, perhaps the maglia rosa will be worn by Andy Schleck.
Climbing fast (while looking backwards) on a light and shiny Trek.

Though, really, I’d be happy if an Aussie won the Giro.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Evans, the Antipodean hero.

Look, I understand you wouldn’t want a slowpoke in this tee,
But I’m not planning to wear it. I will FRAME it! You will see!

Now I know you’re on a budget, but there’s really nothing to it.
(I could send some “compensation” through. Would twenty dollars do it?)

I’m not the type to cause a scene or awkward controversy.
I’m sure you’re printing hundreds, though, so please: SEND ME A JERSEY.

Love, Leonie.


UPDATE: I won some hearts (apparently!) and a jersey is on its way.


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