Mark Bode’s head on a plate.

December 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

I can explain.

Because you may not know this but I went to school with Mark Bode.

And I wanted to be a journalist  too, but the school principal Brother Roger told me to write “Law” on my QTAC form because he was a cunt distant acquaintance of Lionel Murphy. Or maybe it was Lionel Bowen. I can’t remember and according to Wikipedia they are the same person anyway. So that’s what I did because Catholic schoolgirl, that’s why.

I dont know what Mark Bode wrote down on his QTAC form or whether he undertook any post-secondary education and I am not bitter about those FOUR YEARS WASTED IN LAW SCHOOL AND TWO HUNGRY YEARS OF ARTICLED CLERKSHIP, but his newspaper cadetship belongs to ME and by God one day I will have it.

Only then can I regain my journalistic birthright and take my rightful place as a part-time freelance contributor to a small regional newspaper that returns 19 results in this blog called Angry People in Local Newspapers.

Instead of my current meaningless existence.

But in the meantime I would like an avatar of his head on a plate.

Yours etc.


§ 2 Responses to Mark Bode’s head on a plate.

  • mark bode says:

    I have to tell you Leonie that my head is now too big for most plates. I can get it to you on a large serving tray. Will that suffice? Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • Hello, Mark. I trust that my having your head on a plate doesn’t affect our relationship, which can best be described as 20-odd years of amicable ignorance.

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