Last suppers

April 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

After eight years, I’m leaving Civic for the Parliamentary Triangle.

Before I left, I wanted to cross off a few places I hadn’t eaten at, or hadn’t eaten at enough. Between parenting and sporting commitments, I only have a couple of lunch hours per week. Here’s what I managed in my last couple of weeks in the city:

  1. Lonsdale Street Roasters. Outrageously hip cafe and coffee roasting joint. Can be smelled from down the street. Heavenly, even for someone who doesn’t drink coffee. Hard to get a seat. Even harder to get a table. I had a mushroom, Gorgonzola and rosemary panini. Hot off the press. The woman next to me had some kind of pulled meat panini that came with a little jar of onion jam and a spoon. I wanted JAM and SPOON. Ten bucks.
  2. Kindle Cafe. Hidden deeply inside and out the back of a completely forgettable office building. Squishy, dark and cosy decor reminiscent of the golden years of Aromas in Hoyts Brisbane. Sat at a bar facing out the window. Had to keep legs closed at all times. I had a pumpkin, sun-dried tomato and feta wrap and a cookie and read back issues of the food supplement. Ten bucks.
  3. Tasuke. Probably pretty authentic Japanese diner in the bus interchange. I’ve only been to Japan twice but it seems legit. My favourite Japanese place in the whole bus interchange (!), Iori is a bit too much of a commitment and Koo is a bit grotty. Usually I get okonomiyaki and a bowl of rice and tea, but this time I had tempura vegetable and udon soup. Umami. Fourteen bucks.
  4. Italian and Sons. Walked half way up Lonsdale Street before I figured out it was right next to Roasters. Impeccably stylish yet easygoing. The talk of the town. I sat on a little stool in the window, like a prostitute. One page menu with antipasti, pasta, piatto del giorno and a smallgoods section. I had whitebait fritters followed by buffalo milk ricotta ravioli, mint and basil pesto Genoese and a bottle of San Pellegrino. The fritters were divine: crisp spheres of chowdery filling served on a raw stone with half a lemon. Fifty bucks.
  5. Kudos Taste. Home-style Japanese plonked on an island in the middle of a nondescript arcade, sharing seating with a Subway. I have eaten there twenty or thirty times. Every single time I have ordered Iri Tama Tofu, eat in, and every single time the owner has asked me if I want take away. Once he even served it in a take away container. Colourful, fresh, delicious. Eight bucks.

I wanted to go to Soju Girl which is some sort of NEW trendy Korean cocktail bar and whatever-Koreans-call-tapas joint. For lunch! But it was shut. It’s shut Tuesdays.


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