2015, with a little help from Roxcycl

January 1, 2015 § 5 Comments

Hey everyone, I have been chosen as a Roxcycl ambassador for 2015!

What does this mean?

It means that this year I’ll be doing less running and more cycling. I’ll be wearing clothing from Roxcycl, including brands like Vanderkitten and Velocio. It’s high quality and great looking kit: very motivating! And I’ll be sharing my progress on social media – just enough for occasional glimpses into the project.

My goal is to ride Amy’s Gran Fondo in September and, depending on how I’m travelling, the Tour of Bright in December. I rate both of these events as somewhere between ‘probably achievable’ and ‘highly intimidating’. I’m coming into this off a solid base of training: in 2014 I rode 3,000km, ran 1,900km (including a 50km ultra marathon in the blue mountains – race report here) and climbed over 92,000 metres. But I’m a 45 year old working mother of two and I’m not naturally athletic or sporty. I swear. Six years ago I wasn’t cycling at all. Eight and a half years ago, crippled by SPD, I couldn’t stand on one leg or roll over in bed. Walking meant searing pain and I was wearing a pelvic brace. Serious. After baby #2, my running spouse suggested that I should focus my rehab on doing the Canberra Times 10km Fun Run. In 2009, it was a preposterous, unimaginable idea. In 2010 I did it.

Anyway, the cycling goal I’m embarking on begins with a running goal I’m now staring down the barrel of.

In 10 days I’m competing in one of Australia’s most brutal trail runs – the Bogong to Hotham Rooftop Run. Over the last few months I have pummeled myself into mountain goat shape. I’m hoping to complete the ‘short’ 35km event within 6 hours. That’s harder than it sounds. Over the first few kilometres we will climb around 1,400 metres to the summit of Mt Bogong (1,984m). Most entrants will attempt the full 64km, and only about half (in an average year) will complete it. I was at the finish line last year. I’ve been at a lot of finish lines, and I have never seen so many people place their hands on a rock and bow their heads with such utter relief. It looked like a prayer meeting. Dear God. 

So that, more or less, is my story. If you want to see more, check #mygoalrox for updates from me and the other Roxcycl ambassadors and team. LET’S ROLL!



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