July #mygoalrox : in for a service

July 23, 2015 § Leave a comment


Here we are in the dead of winter. I’m still here and still working towards my goal event for 2015. But it’s time to put myself in for a service. Here goes:

Odometer (no faking the mileage)

Quick check in with Strava reveals my beloved 2013 Scott Foil has just ticked over 8,000 kilometres (about half of that just in 2015). I could be doing more but it’s hard to see where to squeeze it in. It’ll have to do!

Clock (aka fark it’s getting close)

It seemed like months away but suddenly it’s a matter of weeks until the Amy Gillett Foundation Gran Fondo. I feel like I’m running out of time. And yet, I’m happy with my fitness, I’m still doing PBs here and there, I’m injury free, I feel good and I’m enjoying myself. Gotta be happy with that.

Brakes (and other excuses)

It has been HARD putting in any extra effort these last few weeks though. I’m still cranking out a solid 100km+ each week, but this winter has been a very cold, very foggy and sometimes wet one. I know: harden up princess. But it’s pretty challenging training in the Canberra winter. My Velocio jerseys are colourful and the jacket so snug; it’s my old cold weather kit that makes me feel like a #hubbard. The beanie down over my ears, the buff up over my face, the daggy, fleecy pants, the doubling up of gloves and socks – it’s like dancing in a doona. And the days are painfully short; it’s pitch black outside by the time I leave my desk. Not really conducive to loading up the legs.


So frozen! Training in minus six.


So foggy! The commute of gloom


So cold! Hanging out for coffee

Oh yeah, about that desk. Another thing is that my job has been really intense. I work in a policy and legislation team that carries a heavy workload, often under high pressure. It’s mostly very engaging, satisfying work. But there have been lots of 10-hour days, skipped breaks, delayed departures and evenings where the best I can do is pedal home in time to tuck my kids in bed, eat, catch up with my partner and collapse. He is amazing (and also gets up in the dark to go running).

Suspension (of boredom)

All those rugged-up, hurry-to-work, hurry-home commutes can get pretty boring. Lucky for me I can mix things up with some running (both alone and with friends), some proper weight training at the gym (a curious new world for me), and some yoga (both at home and in classes). This month I went to two Bikram yoga sessions to push myself out of my comfort zone. Running makes me fitter, weight training makes me stronger, yoga makes me lean and whole. Or that’s my theory.


I have no clue what this machine does

Fuel (premium please!)

I do love my fuel and I wrote about that last time. Looking at the riders in the Tour de France I think maybe I like my fuel a little too much. Oh well! #toursnacks

Detailing (nothing like a fresh coat of paint)

Thanks again to Roxsolt for the sleek, slick, super kit from Velocio Apparel.



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